Accreditation as a Health Call Center since 2001 (NAL service)

ISO 22320

Qualified Alerters in Emergency Management

+25 años

Assisting health situations

24/7 Emergency Service

We work as a team to offer the best multidisciplinary assistance

We have two Contact Centers operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year without exception. We have different specialized service lines active and a multidisciplinary team made up of more than 500 professionals, social workers, doctors, nurses and qualified operators. Likewise, we have the ability to attend to emergencies internally and directly, without the need to refer the call to an external service such as 9-1-1, except for extremely urgent situations.


Management of SOS alerts received at the Response Emergency Center


Nurse Advice Line


Administration line for families and children of the Government of Puerto Rico


ISO 22320 for emergency management and resolution

Our operational processes are accredited

We apply the most appropriate action protocols for the type of emergency, we manage the information and coordinate all the agents involved in the response to achieve the final objective: Save lives.

  • 3 seconds

Geolocated emergency

Our Response Center receives the exact location coordinates from where the SOS alert has been triggered and the data of the affected person. This information allows us to manage the emergency quickly, without the need to gather information at a critical moment, where time is of the essence. It even allows us to coordinate assistance when the person is unconscious, cannot access their mobile phone or cannot speak.

Personal information

Information that identifies the person who triggered the SOS alert in an emergency.

Physical characteristics

It specifies how the person is physically and if there are conditions (they are in a wheelchair, they are pregnant, etc.).

Health data

Chronic diseases, allergies and other information that facilitates medical intervention, for example, in the case of dispensing medications.

Security data

It checks if the user is coerced by a third party, mainly in situations of abuse and violence.

  • 20 seconds

Emergency verification

10 seconds of audio and 10 seconds of video are automatically transmitted, making it easy to know what has happened. In addition, we communicate with the user by telephone and, if necessary, we initiate the remote management activity from the Response Center to obtain more information on the situation. Likewise, we verify if it is a real emergency or a false alarm.

  • 60 seconds

Help on the way!

During emergency management, the most appropriate action protocol is activated. The operator reports the situation using the Dr. Security system’s own management software. A detailed emergency report is automatically generated that includes the location, user data and audiovisual recording, in addition to the information collected by the operator. If necessary, we share it with the assistance body in just one click.

  • Coordination with assistance: We resolve the emergency directly with our professionals or, in extreme emergencies, we refer you to 9-1-1.

  • Emergency contact: We communicate with the person of contact or trust of the affected person to inform them of the situation.

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Emergency management software

Receive, analyze and verify the emergency in a matter of seconds

Dr. Security system integrates its own platform for emergency management, designed to optimize response time. It has an easy and intuitive operating panel that allows direct intervention and remote management by our operators.

Tracking GPS

Map with satellite view and street view that allows to know the position of the user and follow their movement. It facilitates the description of areas and access points to the scene of the emergency.

Phone status

It informs about the coverage level and battery of the device and the nearest WIFI networks. Important information to avoid losing contact with the user during emergency management.

Audiovisual recording

In addition to the audio and video received together with the SOS alert, the operator can activate the microphone or the front and rear camera of the device, in case more recordings and/or photographs are needed during the emergency.

Sound and light alarm

It causes the user’s device to emit an alarm sound and generate light with different frequency and color, in situations of warning, difficult location and/or deterrence.


It facilitates the sending of personalized messages on a full screen to inform the user about the status of the assistance, directly and discreetly.

Remote call

Initiates the phone call from the user’s device, with loudspeaker activation, facilitating communication with the affected person in case of not being able to pick up the call.

Operational precision

We coordinate technology and human experience

Quick verification

Our system is cost-effective. We combine the automatic reception of information with human attention to detect false emergencies in a few seconds.

Analysis and typing

We know the SOS method activated, the type of emergency, the identity of the user, the number of people affected, the location and other data that provide informational precision for the rapid management of the emergency.

Real time monitoring

We communicate with the affected party in just one click, guaranteeing contact by traditional call or remote management. We accompany the user until the emergency closes.


Emergencies are also criminal when it comes to episodes of violence, harassment, robbery … The transmission of audio and video during the entire emergency management becomes judicial evidence in the event that the complaint is made.

Detailed report

The management platform automatically collects the alert information, although the operator can add new information during the emergency management. With all this, a report of the incidence of easy transmission to the assistance bodies is generated.


We cannot connect to the user’s phone without first requesting our help by activating the SOS. Our system uses protocols of action and security measures that guarantee the protection of data and user privacy at all times.