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Dr. Security is a powerful emergency system designed for personal protection. It is made up of a mobile app connected to a Response Center that offers 24/7 assistance in the event of any type of emergency. It is ideal for people with health problems or living alone, assistance in earthquakes, floods or fires, road accidents, robberies, kidnappings, situations of violence, school emergencies, and more.

In an emergency…

6 SOS methods

Request help without touching the mobile phone

SOS button

Virtual button on the app screen that is activated after pressing it for 3 consecutive seconds.

Fall detection

After configuring the method, it sends the SOS request automatically in case of detecting an impact or sudden fall in which the mobile device is involved.


Wireless button with bluetooth connection up to 15 meters. Send the SOS after pressing it, without the need to interact with the cell phone.

Heart rate

Sends the emergency alert when it detects that the heart rate is higher than the programmed maximum and minimum values.

Headphones disconnection

Activate the SOS automatically when it detects that the headphones are disconnected from the cell phone.

Inverse timer

Countdown that sends the request for help at the end of the programmed time, in case of not being stopped.

Up to five times faster

than a traditional phone call

In a matter of seconds we know what has happened, where and to whom, thanks to the information we receive together with the SOS alert:

Geolocated emergency

We receive the exact location of the emergency and follow up in real time, guaranteeing assistance even if the affected person is in a place that is difficult to access.

Audio and video recording

The app automatically transmits 10 seconds of audio and 10 seconds of video in real time. In criminal emergencies, they become testimonial evidence.

Personal and health data

It makes it easy to identify the user, know their health situation and act accordingly in case of chronic diseases, allergies or if the user is taking any medication.

Emergency contact

In addition, our assistance service is in charge of contacting the person of trust of the affected person to follow up on the emergency until its resolution.

How does it work?

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    Need help? Press the SOS button on the app for 3 seconds or program the SOS auto send methods.

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    We received the alarm at the Response Center along with the location of the emergency, vital data and audiovisual recording of the event.

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    We contact the user by phone and activate the assistance protocol with our experts or with 9-1-1.

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    We also contact your emergency contact person, guaranteeing the tranquility of your loved ones.

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    We are with the user until the emergency is resolved or assistance arrives at the scene.


Protected lives


SOS alerts received


Emergencies assisted by our specialists

24/7 Multidisciplinary assistance

We have the potential to handle emergencies internally by our team of health specialists

We have a large team made up of social workers, doctors, nurses, and qualified operators under ISO 22320 emergency management certification, who know how to act at all times and in the most efficient way.


Would you like to integrate Dr. Security into your business?

Add value to your services by integrating our PERS system (Personal Emergency Response System) in your mobile application.

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