Dr. Security integrates into your business

Does your company have a mobile application? Include our emergency service as an added value for your entire membership

Quick and easy implementation

Dr. Security SDK

Our SDK (Software Development Kit) is developed to be able to be included in an existing app just by adding a few lines of code. It adapts to the graphical environment of the software, adding the powerful functionality of attending to emergencies and facilitating the user to enjoy all the advantages of the same app.

Dr. Security SDK

Select the emergency service components that best suit your business.

Your app

It is not necessary to integrate software services, share code accesses, or deliver the database of your clients.

Guided deployment

It includes a development guide where it is specified how to integrate the SDK.

Sample app

We give you an application where you can view the different elements that the SDK includes, as well as test how they work.

Transparent access

Our registration and login process is complemented with the one already existing in your app. Your users will not perceive the change.

Technical support

We offer additional 24/7 support for SDK implementation, testing, and emergency service maintenance.

Add value to your business

We not only offer the technology, we also provide the support

The system analyzes and verifies the emergency in a matter of seconds, while our professionals manage the situation in a comprehensive way.

Your app

Integrate the Dr. Security emergency service without the need to make major changes to the visual composition of your software.

Emergency services

In case of activating the SOS, your app will transmit the location of the event, the audiovisual recording and the user’s personal and health data.

Response Center

We receive and verify the emergency, contact the affected user and manage assistance immediately.

Reduce false alarms

We have the potential to verify the emergency in less than 45 seconds, quickly detecting alarms sent in error and avoiding the waste of resources that it entails.

Improve response time

Help is on the way in a minute! Thanks to the vital information received during the emergency, we can assist the person immediately, even if they cannot speak or are unconscious.

Internal and direct assistance

Our Response Center has several assistance lines in the health field, so that we can resolve the emergency without having to refer it to a third party.

Coordination with 9-1-1

In cases of extreme urgency or when physical help is required, we refer the emergency to 9-1-1 with all the necessary information so that they can proceed to assistance immediately.

Notice to family members

Along with the SOS alarm, we also receive the data of the trusted person, so we proceed to contact them to keep them informed about how the event evolves.

Alerts report

The management software generates reports on the emergencies received, response times and other metrics that guarantee our compliance in assistance.

Your business does not have a mobile application?

Acquire the Dr. Security emergency system through an app designed for you

Offer your clients our Dr. Security emergency service through a personalized mobile app adapted to the corporate identity of your business.