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Help Me

Imagine you find yourself in a situation where you need immediate help because you have suffered an accident or feel threatened.

Help me provides you with the state-of-the-art, professional security service to look after you and your family!

Help Me allows you to trigger an alarm in 6 different ways, some of them without you having to touch or unlock the phone (the phone sends the alarm automatically), wherever you are, at any time of the day, and in any day of the year! When you send an alarm, your profile data and location are immediately made available to our professional security experts.
You will be immediately attended by a professional security expert to assist you and activate the resources needed to solve the problem you are confronted with. Our security experts can locate you and determine the nature of your emergency even if you are unable to communicate with them.
The relevant emergency management protocols are immediately activated to guarantee the highest effectiveness in solving the emergency situation.

A key concept

The chances of survival are greater if patients receive care within the first hour after the emergency.


Smart Control

What to do if your mobile phone is lost or stolen? How can we keep an eye on and protect our children and loved ones when they may be more vulnerable?
Smart Control allows us to manage our lost or stolen devices remotely, and provides Parental Control tools to help protect our children.

“Take control of your lost phone or device”
“Keep an eye on your loved ones to ensure they are safe”

With the appropriate authorization and credentials, a user can remotely access another device which has Dr. Security installed, and therefore instantly have access to the device’s information and control many of its functions.
Remote Access allows the user to locate the device, check on the call history record,
send light or sound signals to help in identifying a misplaced device´s physical location, place a reward or emergency message on the home screen, check on the devices battery charge or signal levels, or even record sound and take photos remotely to get insights into the device’s location or a better understanding of another person’s situation for our peace of mind.


• Device’s location
• Call History record
• Remote Access records
• Coverage signal levels and service provider
• Battery charge levels
• Available Wifi networks
• GPS connection status
• Speed at which the device is moving


• Sound Alarm
• Light Alarm
• Record sound
• Take potos
• Simulate low battery level and block the device
• Show a reward o emergency message on the device’s screen
• Trigger a phone call remotely to see the call number and verify whether the SIM card has been changed
• Remotely send an SMS message from the device which includes SIM card information, the device’s geo-location, the battery charge and signal levels.


Need to keep an eye on your family and friends when you are out together?
Would you like to know they are in secure environments and receive an alert if they wander out of a safe area which you have previously defined?
Need to feel reassured that your child will not wander off or get lost during school outings?

"Keep track of your loved ones and know they are safe at all times"

Group is a tool which allows users to check on people’s whereabouts during group or family outings (in malls, tourist trips, while hiking or practicing sports together), to keep an eye on their children when they leave or arrive home or leave their school’s premises, to help teachers or tutors on school field trips, and for groups attending crowded events.

Groups is an advanced security tool to help keep track of people while on the move.

The “Administrator of the group” (leader) can create a “ group” of people within the app to follow their location on a map, define a safe perimeter around themselves or a fixed location, and receive alerts if a member of the group is in trouble, loses coverage signal or wanders out of this safe perimeter.

(Lost connection/no battery charge within the set perimeter):
In this example the user’s device has lost its connection within the perimeter (no battery charge or loss of signal). An alert is immediately sent to the leader warning her or him that the group member’s device has lost its connection; the leader can check on this member’s last known location.
(S.O.S. within the set perimeter):
This member is within the perimeter established by the leader and has triggered an emergency alarm. The leader can verify this group member’s location, and will be alerted by Dr. Security that an alarm has been triggered.
(The group member has wandered beyond the set perimeter boundaries):
The leader can not only keep track of the group member’s location, but will also be alerted if any member leaves the set perimeter and keep monitoring their location.